Here are some featured artists we think stand out from the crowd. Starlight Giclee is proud to support and recommend our featured artists for projects in Houston. Featured artists have signature styles that set them apart. The work ranges from simple pencil sketches to complex, intricate paintings. With works done by all ages from preteens to veteran artists who have put in the time to become masters in their media. We continue to be surprised by the ideas and subject matter that come through the doors of the studio. Whoever you are and whatever the idea we promise to bring it to life on paper.


Featured Artists

S. Pinto Souza

I paint what I love, what makes my senses vibrate, no matter how complex an object or how simple: It can be a landscape, a kid, a roof, a plant, a leaf, a flower, a fruit or whatever object in Nature that brings in me the sheer urge for aesthetic expression. I’d like to be thought of as an artist whose work is pleasurable to watch. In other words, if I can brighten the viewer’s heart, then I have accomplished my goal.

Brett G. Hall

I’ve always admired and respected Native American culture and the rich and dark history. My art is an effort to tell this story. They say art should disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. My hope that it gives a voice to those that have been silenced, eyes to those who do not see and a heart to those who do not want to care.

I am a mostly self-taught artist, working primarily with marker on paper. I’ve been drawing for most of my life, but have become more focused on my art over the last few years. During this time, art has become my way of “facing my demons” — of understanding and expressing myself, my experiences, and my emotions in a healthy and constructive way. This has been immensely helpful to me in my long and ongoing process of recovering from anorexia.

Nina Magness (Nee Schroder)

Nina Magness (nee Schroder) was born September 8, 1936 in Riga, Latvia to a German Father and Russian Mother. As a child she was exposed to numerous and diverse languages, music, cultures and peoples. Her tumultuous childhood and refugee status in war-ravaged Poland and Eastern Europe instilled a strong will to live and to create her own educational and professional path for success.

Jared Knight “Gesso”

Jared Knight, known by his family and friends as “Gesso”, was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana and currently resides in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. Growing up in an area that prides itself on the authentic Cajun Culture, i.e. art, music, and cuisine, he quickly developed a passion and strong appreciation for his Cajun heritage. He enjoys experimenting with different mediums, including acrylics, pen and ink, watercolors, and airbrushing.

Eugenia Algaze Garcia

Through my art I hope to inspire a fresh way of seeing more than meets the eye in our every day surroundings. In this day and age people are busy. We often take for granted the hidden beauty that is present around us. Please take a few minutes and see if, after finding the meaningful connections in my art, you may find yourself having a fresher perspective on life.

Abiola Wabara

Houston Giclee Printing, Featured Artists

Abiola attended Baylor University on a full basketball scholarship where she received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, Spanish literature and Culture. She started her career as a professional basketball player in Israel, where she played for 3 seasons, then moved to Ibiza, Spain and currently playing in Milan, Italy. While in Israel she attended the art workshop of famous Israeli artist Eilat Tzin, and developed her skills further.

D.R. (Dennis) Jones was born in Waco, Texas and raised on the High Plains in Lubbock, Texas. As a fourth generation Texan, he has roots going deep in the Texas soil. Jones says, “My mother even told me that I had an ancestor at the Alamo… and I believe everything my mother tells me!”

John Jenkins

I was born in Texas and have lived here my whole life. I come from an intellectual family. Dad was an engineer and mom is a chemist/biologist/physicist. You can only imagine what sort of dinnertime conversations we had. I have one older brother who is currently at university studying maritime law and marine biology.

Grace Hessman

Grace Hessman resides with her family in Magnolia, Texas. Her artistic journey has taken her from a small town in Pennsylvania to rural Magnolia Texas, with many years in between spent on the shores of New Jersey and the beaches of Northwest Florida.

Mike Meadors

Houston Giclee Printing, Featured Artists

I consider myself a self taught artist if the art class I took in sixth grade does not disqualify me. My art continues to improve and evolve with time. My most popular paintings are watercolor on paper. Some of my pastel drawings and acrylics on canvas are considered some of my best work. I reside in a small fishing community on the Texas coast where the boats outnumber the people.